Thank you for your interest in using a handheld scanner to scan your purchases. We have added you to the waiting list to receive the scanning kit. Please do not stop scanning until you hear from IRI Shopper Panel regarding kit delivery.

What’s next?

  • When your turn comes, we’ll give you call to confirm your mailing address
  • Your kit will be sent to you at no cost
  • You will have to set up the kit in your home and begin scanning within 24 hours of receiving it

NOTE: IRI Shopper Panel has limited spots for kits and assigns them at first come first served basis. Please allow several weeks for us to contact and deliver the kit to you. If we have no kits available, you will be placed on waiting list and will be contacted once a kit will become available for delivery.

If you changed your mind and would like to be removed from the waiting list please let us know by emailing